Your Local Divorce Lawyer

Ending a marriage is never easy, even if it is the right decision for both spouses. When you need a lawyer for divorce, contact The Law Office of Sarah Bandy. Our divorce lawyer offers compassionate services to clients throughout Centennial, Colorado, and the surrounding areas. With the services from our divorce attorney, you will ensure that your best interests are put first throughout every phase of the proceedings. Schedule a free consultation with us today to understand each of your options.

Experienced Divorce Attorney

When you say “I do,” you never think that your union will end in divorce. However, many couples find that they are better off separated. During a divorce, it is important to turn to an experienced attorney to receive the guidance you need. While friends and family members like to give advice to their loved ones, these people are not a substitute for qualified legal experience.

At our firm, our attorneys perform the proper procedures throughout every step of your divorce. From drafting and filing paperwork to serving documents, we work hard to ensure that your proceedings go as planned. By focusing on the details, you will help your case run smoothly while you eliminate the stress associated with divorce.

Our Family Divorce Lawyer Puts You First

Divorce is personal. Even if you and your spouse agree that you do not belong together, agreeing on things like child custody and financial support can tear a family apart. As your divorce lawyer, we are able to stay objective while still fighting for your best interests.

With our support and guidance, you will focus your time and energy on smart battles that help you work towards the most positive outcome for you. Our divorce lawyers are trained to assist our clients by helping them reduce their legal risks so they can be in a better position when it comes time to negotiate for their rights to resolve any issues with the divorce. Our divorce law firm is ready to provide you with alimony services and other options.

Forming Your Separation Agreement

Sometimes, things just don’t work out. When you are facing the end of your marriage, deciding on details like child custody and spousal support can make this tense situation even more difficult for all of those involved. We work with you to form a separation agreement that works for both you and your spouse. With our services, you will start your new beginning in life without any legal baggage to hold you back.

Contact our divorce lawyer to request a free consultation for your legal services. Our divorce attorney is available to work with clients throughout Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Englewood, Southglenn, Centennial, and the greater Denver metro area.